Motherhood + Coffee = The PERFECT Blend 😉

There’s this common bond between all us mamas… but it’s not what you would think.

Nope, it’s not our kids. It’s coffee. ☕️

Okay, I’m totally kidding, but coffee is pretty much the lifeblood of motherhood. I mean, think about it! It miraculously delivers us to the other side of those first few sleepless months with a newborn, turns us from mombie to mommy at 6 am, and sustains us during the hours of 2-5 pm… you know, that point in the day when time pretty much slows to a grinding halt.

If I could sum up coffee in one phrase, I would say it’s basically nourishment for the soul. 💁‍♀️

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So, if you’re looking to make the day of a fellow coffee-loving mama (even if that’s yourself— we won’t judge 😅), check out our top ten favorite coffee-themed gifts!

We guarantee she (you) will LOVE them! 😉😍

1. Cookies ‘N Dreams Gourmet Coffee by Bones Coffee Company

Obviously, coffee has to make the number one spot… But this isn’t any old ground coffee. Bones Coffee is roasted to perfection in small batches, giving you the freshest, smoothest tasting gourmet coffee, pretty much ever. They boast ridiculously delicious and super unique flavors like Strawberry Cheesecake, French Toast, and Peanut Butter & Jelly, but my all-time favorite is Cookies ‘N Dreams. You guys, think 100% Arabica beans medium roasted and infused with chocolate cookie sandwich & vanilla ice cream flavor… I mean, seriously, are you not drooling right now?! 🤤

Grab a 12 oz bag here, or snag this 5 bag sample pack and choose from over 25 different flavors!

P.S. If y’all know me, you know I’m a sucker for pretty packaging… and their packaging is straight up ARTWORK 🎨, making it the perfect gift!

2. Highly Caffeinated Hat by Motto + Fleur

For the days when your dry shampoo just won’t cut it, let our Highly Caffeinated hat be your hair’s saving grace! This “dad hat” is made from washed out cotton-twill, giving it that super chic, vintage vibe.

What’s even better? The world will know you’re Highly Caffeinated and ready to take on the day (also read— not to be messed with 😉), making it the perfect gift for your up-all-night mama friend… and coffee lovers everywhere! 🙌

3. Handheld Milk Pro Frother by PowerLix

Okay, so you know that foamy, frothy goodness you get from your favorite coffee shop? You can totally do that at home… for under twenty bucks! Level up your coffee with PowerLix’s portable handheld frother— it's battery powered, made of food-safe stainless steel, and even comes with its own stand for easy countertop storage.

It couldn’t be simpler to use, too! Just heat up some milk, give this frother 15-20 seconds to do its thang, and BOOM 💥— You’re basically a barista now. Starbucks whaaaat?! 😏 Gift this to a coffee-loving mama and you’re sure to rock her caffeinated world!

4. Coffee Lip Balm Assortment by Blue Poppy Bath & Body

Since becoming a mama, lip balm is an absolute must-have for me. It’s one of the things I never leave home without— I mean seriously, I’ll walk out the door without my car keys before I’ll leave my lip balm at home! I think maybe it’s a rite of passage, because I honestly don’t know a mama who doesn't have at least one in her diaper bag or purse! So this Coffee Lip Balm Assortment by Blue Poppy Bath & Body has definitely earned a spot on our list!

First off, their lip balm is made from scratch with natural skin-loving ingredients like avocado oil, shea butter, and vitamin e! This gift set is home to four scented lip balms, including Cappuccino, Vanilla Coffee, Roasted Hazelnut and Coffee Bean, making it the perfect present for any coffee lover! 💕☕

5. Coffee Cup Ring by Rethink Gold

For the “gotta-have-it-can’t-live-without-it” coffee-loving mama! This gorgeous coffee cup ring is hand-crafted by Irina Budilovsky, a Ukrainian artisan based in Jerusalem.

Beautifully fashioned from your choice of 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold or authentic silver, and completed with a dark smoky quartz gem— coffee-lover or not, this is one stunning ring! You can even customize it with a lighter gem if she’s more of a latte fan! How awesome is that?! 🙌

6. Lavender Coffee Eye Cream by CLN&DRTY

Described as “your favorite espresso in skincare form”, this organic eye cream by CLN & DRTY is infused with coffee oils and lavender that work together to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, shrink those puffy bags, and brighten her up-all-night dark circles, making mama look more awake! Yeah, we’ll have a shot of that! 😜

7. Damn It’s Early Candle by Evil Queen

Since becoming a mom, I’m pretty sure I’ve uttered that phrase ☝️ too many times to count, especially this past week… I mean, why are toddlers always ready to party at 5:30 am?! 🤦 Luckily, this candle by Evil Queen can help any coffee-loving mama feel like she’s gonna make it through the morning!

Evil Queen is known for having Candles with Attitude™, so naturally this one features coffee, hazelnut and… tears, because who hasn’t shed some of those waking up that early?! A rich blend of dark roasted coffee beans, plus a hint of sweet vanilla + hazelnut will take her straight to the coffee shop, without stepping foot out the door!

8. Coffee Botanical Print by Visual Nature

This vintage-aesthetic coffee botanical print by Visual Nature features the Arabica coffee plant. But as a coffee lover myself, do you wanna know what I see? Basically, the birth of a scrumptious little coffee bean… so beautiful. 😂

It’s printed on professional, acid-free, archival matte fine art paper, ensuring this gorgeous print will have the rich and vibrant colors you see below. Buy the 5x7 or 8x10 print, then frame and gift for the perfect addition to her coffee bar!

9. Coffee & Espresso Socks by P Maxwell Designs

Can a mama ever have enough comfy-cozy socks? 🧦 No, the answer is no. 😉 These coffee & espresso socks by P Maxwell Designs feature the cutest little coffee mugs, cappuccinos and lattes printed on high-quality spandex-blend socks. This is one gift that is guaranteed to make a coffee-obsessed mama smile!

10. To the Brim Coffee Mug by Motto + Fleur

As a mama, I take my coffee consumption VERY seriously. In fact, you'll rarely find me with an empty coffee mug... because, well, mom life. 💁‍♀️

This beautiful mug features my original design permanently printed on both sides. It’s microwave safe (anyone else reheat their coffee approximately 965x a day?! 🤦) and dishwasher safe too, ‘cause ain’t no mama got time for handwashing! Grab one in 11 or 15 ounces, and fill the cup of a coffee-lover in your life!

Cheers, mama! ☕️

Thanks so much for checking out my favorite coffee-themed products! If you love our “To the Brim” mug or “Highly Caffeinated” hat use code COFFEE10 for a little somethin’ off your purchase!

Pssssst…. This code is also good toward ALL coffee-themed products in the Motto + Fleur shop! Hooray! 🎈

Let us know in the comments what your favorite was, and if we’re missing out on any other coffee-themed goodies! If you liked this blog post, check out 10 Things New Moms Actually Want and 5 Essentials for Working Out at Home!

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Alyse, Founder of Motto + Fleur LLC