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We proudly use Allmade Apparel as our t-shirt and long sleeve t-shirt supplier. Allmade is a remarkable company that was born just three short years ago, but has already made an incredible impact on the printing and fashion industry.

Did you know that only 2% of people in the industrial fashion industry earn a living wage? Two percent. That means 98% of workers in this industry don’t even make enough money to live— i.e. for food, shelter… you know, the absolute bare necessities for survival. So Allmade decided to make a difference. They set up shop in Haiti, where they partnered with the Global Orphanage Project to help fight the cycle of generational poverty.

The issue in Haiti is not that orphans are without parents, but that they are without parents who can afford to care for their most basic needs. Less than 50% of women in Haiti have formal employment, and many of them are the sole providers for their families. No source of income not only means struggling to provide for their family’s needs, but not being able to send their kids to school— so only 35% of kids in Haiti will ever finish primary education.

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Enter Allmade, their manufacturing facility in Haiti intentionally employs women. By paying their workers 3-4x the going rate, Allmade has created dignified work that gives these mamas the means to send their kids to school and keep their families together… and as a mama myself, I know that there is nothing more sacred than that.

When I started this brand, I knew almost nothing about the way shirts are produced. Unfortunately, I think most of the time we as consumers are looking for the “best” deal, and tend to turn a blind, or even ignorant eye (⬅️ yep, that was me), to how clothes are really manufactured.

But not Allmade. They’re stepping up, not only with their humanitarianism, but with their environmental transparency as well. Each Allmade tri-blend tee has an average equivalent of 6 water bottles in it. Yep, you read that right— SIX water bottles! And you would never know… these tees are the softest! When it comes to Allmade’s ecological impact (or lack there of 😉), this is just the tip of the iceberg— to read more about their amazing environmental work click here.

So when quality and fit are non-negotiables, how does Allmade measure up for a fashion brand like Motto + Fleur? Allmade’s fabric is uniquely created from the highest quality fibers available, meaning it won’t shrink in the wash or become dingy like other tees. This provides you with a better quality t-shirt. And unlike most tees, these shirts are specifically made for women. So what does that mean for you, mama? The contoured shape, tapered sleeves and longer body of the tee accommodate all women’s body types, giving you a better, more comfortable fit.

We are so proud to be an Allmade partner. If you’d like to learn more about Allmade, click here.

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Every time you purchase a Motto + Fleur t-shirt or long sleeve tee, you’re not only making this mama’s dreams come true, but you’re helping to support Allmade’s incredible mission as well!

So grateful for you!


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